Samsung patent reveals smartphone with projector
A new patent has revealed that rumoured plans for a foldable phone with inclusive projector could soon be created by industry leader Samsung.

Unveiled by Patently Mobile, the patent describes a new foldable device including built-in projector or hologram module to allow users to project their images and videos directly from their phone.

The patent also revealed that the advanced gadget could potentially display 3D stereoscopic images in the air or project them onto a projector screen.

The design of the phone will offer Samsung fans the choice of two different options, both of which will feature a large flexible display that can be folded on hinges, similar to handheld gaming devices.

Samsung reportedly filed the patent in June 2015, which led to publishing in December. Although the device may not be created, the company is believed to be set to release a type of foldable smart phone in 2016.

The addition of a projector to a smartphone is an innovative leap forward for portable projector technology, which has previously required an additional gadget to be used in conjunction with a traditional smartphone.

The Smartphone Projector, which was released in December 2015, was created to turn a bedroom into a home cinema for less than £20. The device is used to magnify visuals stored on the phone to allow more than one person to view images or videos from one smartphone.

Featuring an 8 x magnification thanks to a built-in lens, the device can be used with both iPhone and Android phones, supporting a wide variety of content without requiring the use of an additional lead and television.

Despite the low price, this type of projector device still requires the use of an additional gadget to allow many viewers to see the images, while a new smartphone containing projector technology could create an extremely portable alternative for those requiring on-the-move projection.