New information and images have emerged of a tiny new projector, made by Samsung, designed exclusively for its increasingly popular range of smartphones.

The images of the Samsung Mobile Beam Projector have emerged from the company’s home market in South Korea. The tiny projector has been designed to have smaller dimensions than the flagship Galaxy S3 smartphone, and has more aesthetically pleasing curved lines and features.

In terms of the capabilities of the tiny projector, it does appear to have the same limitations as other projectors of equivalent size. The device’s battery – a 1650 mAh built-in battery – is able to deliver just over 2 hours worth of usage, but that is only providing a rather dim 20 lumens of brightness.

The resolution of the projector is rather restricted as well - just 640 x 360 pixels - indicating that it is a machine made for very basic viewing purposes, such as sharing photographs taken on a smartphone.

The projector is currently in production in South Korea, but there has been no word yet on whether the company will seek to expand the horizons of the projector and market it abroad.