Sales of the Christie Solaria projector have continued to rise since the innovative projector's initial success after its launch in November 2012.

The projector has been a particular success with small-screen theatres in China, Russia, India, Brazil and across Europe and North America.

The Solaria projector, which is a DCI-compliant solution, is now in operation in the smaller theatres and is a large upgrade on many of the cinemas' previous projectors.

The Solaria One is 3D ready and is the brightest projector in its class. It is able to project 8,000 lumens in the DCI colour space and 9,000 for alternative content.

Senior director of Christie Entertainment Solutions, Dr Don Shaw, highlighted the strong contribution that smaller cinemas make to their economies across the world. He also suggested that this transition from their old projection systems to new, digital projection would prevent the loss of these important cultural venues.

Dr Shaw stated that Christie was working to help these smaller cinemas to make a smooth and easy transition to the digital projection system. He added: “Our Solaria One projector, our global network of first-rate installation partners and our participation in industry programmes to help them finance the change are just some of the ways we’re helping complete the conversion to digital cinema projection.”