Runco is set to launch new 'Ultra' versions of a number of its projectors, delivering even higher specifications to its fans.

The 3Dimension D-73d Ultra, LightStyle LS-HB Ultra, QuantumColor Q-750d Ultra and QuantumColor Q-1500d Ultra are all designed to provide viewers with higher levels of sharpness and lower levels of colour distortion, even when situated further away from the screen.

It is hoped that the Ultra projectors will also allow for further integration with other devices, increasing the possibilities on offer, while also expanding the uses for the projector beyond the home theatre.

Jennifer Davis, vice-president of marketing at Runco, explained: "The projector is no longer just for a dedicated theatre and having the right projector for the job is a necessity to achieve optimal performance.

"We developed the technology in our Ultra versions to give our authorised resellers even more projector possibilities for their clients."

The devices will also allow for easier installation within the home, without the need to build a room around the device. This is thanks to their long-throw capabilities, which mean that the projectors can be installed towards the back of a room rather than in the centre like a short-throw device would require.