Runco have launched a new projector in their LightStyle series, designed to be flexible for users at home.

The LS-1 model is a single-chip 190p DLP projector and employs the manufacturer's SuperOnyx technology, along with its ConstantContrast and Vivix proprietary digital video processing to achieve deep blacks and contrast levels of 10,000:1 and above.

Meanwhile, the line is designed to offer the greatest range of brightness and image performance for different rooms and needs. Its high performance video option is great for TV or movies, while the depth of colour and picture quality required for console gaming is also sufficient.

Even the projector itself can be adapted to fit in with an individual room or space. Runco's FinishPalette enables complete customisation of the projector, allowing customers to get an exact colour match, or even to print artwork onto the device.

Jennifer Davis, vice-president of marketing at Runco, commented: “With the introduction of the LS-1, we are able to bring the renowned Runco performance to a broader group of video enthusiasts.

“Being able to hit this competitive price point enables our integrators more opportunities to sell to a large, previously-untapped market and for homeowners to enjoy the benefits owning a Runco brings.”