Ricoh release next generation ultra-short projectors
Ricoh has announced its latest line of next-generation, ultra-short throw projectors. The Ricoh PJ WX4152NI and Ricoh PJ WX4152N are specifically targeted at businesses and education facilities, particularly for those that work off-site and have remote audiences. According to Ricoh, with nearly 46 per cent of all workers spending half their time working outside their office, the new projectors provide a critical need for solutions to suit today's flexible work-styles.

The new projectors maintain the industry leading ultra-short throw distance and portability of their predecessors, and enable fast set up in small meeting rooms or off-site training sessions. The projectors come with a 160 per cent higher contrast ratio and are 200 lumens brighter for better viewing in ambient lighting settings. Flexible mounting allows for 360-degree projection and the projectors have a new feature that enables both wired and wireless connections at the same time.

The Ricoh PJ WX4152NI encourages engagement, learning and collaboration between groups. Using an electronic pen, presenters can add their notes directly to presentations in real time. Miracast for Android enabled devices, as well as Bluetooth, allow users to project live images wirelessly from their devices, as well as documents and audio. Other features for the two projectors include 3,500 lumens of brightness and a 13,000:1 contrast ratio, plus an Eco mode that improves sustainable use by 30 per cent.

John Brophy, the vice president of product marketing for Ricoh USA said: “The boundaries of business and learning are being challenged, expanded and reshaped every day. Users are demanding technologies that empower them not just to keep up with but stay ahead of these trends and transcend these boundaries with ease.

“Our newest ultra-short throw projectors not only break down the physical barriers between presenters and their audiences; they also open up new dimensions for audience engagement and remote collaboration."