Trusted Reviews has praised one of Epson's latest projectors, awarding it a four-star 8/10 rating.

The EH-TW5910 is Epson’s latest entry to the under-£1,000 price range LCD-based home cinema projector market. The model boasts built-in 3D playback, a maximum brightness output of 2100 Lumens and great colour and crisp images. Larger than many budget projectors, reviewers liked the solid build of the EH-TW5910 and the ‘huge’ remote. Although initially sceptical about the size of the control, it quickly won fans thanks to the spacious layout and big backlit buttons that are user-friendly in a dark cinema room.

Testers found the set up to be easy and said the projector benefited from a good range of connections, with two HDMIs, a component video input, a PC port and an RS232 control port. However, the EH-TW5910 lost points because it did not include 3D glasses in the deal and because the system does not have the optical vertical image shifting found on more expensive models. However, it does provide a sliding bar keystone adjustor to ensure the sides of images are straight.

Other negatives were ‘average’ black levels and the noise made by the auto iris in Normal Lamp mode. But the Trusted Review users were on the whole impressed with the performance of the EH-TW5910, which retails at around £850.