Review: JVC DLA-X500 3D projector

The JVC DLA-X500 projector is the latest update of JVC's D-ILA projection system. Based on the X55 model, the X500 is capable of a contrast ratio of 600,000:1, or 60,000:1 without the use of the dynamic iris technology.

Designed with a similar layout to the previous JVC projector models, the DLA-X500 includes air exhaust vents on either side, adjustable feet and rear connections, while the main body remains relatively large at 455 x 179 x 472mm.

The connectivity options available on the X500 include LAN and RS232C ports, a 12V trigger port, an external 3D transmitter and two HDMI connections capable of handling native 4K content of up to 30 frames per second.

The projector also features e-shift 3 4K technology, allowing it to support up to 60FPS native 4K images. This is achieved by scanning content pixel by pixel and projecting two full HD images in line, creating the illusion of a 3820 x 2160 resolution 4K display.

Other features of JVC's latest model include a motorised lens adjustment control, which allows remote zoom, focus and image shift. The lens is also enhanced by the firm's Lens Memory function, which allows the user to store up to five focus and zoom combinations to make image adjustment even simpler.

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