Retailing at $499, the Wireless Kickstand Micro Projector from BEM provides high quality images whilst remaining travel-friendly and portable.

The Kickstand Micro is capable of displaying 720p, 96 inch images from ten feet away, but can also be used as a short-throw projector at one or two feet from the wall. The projector also produces 400 lumens of brightness and is powered by an LED light source rather than bulbs, reducing the need for lamp replacement.

Ideal for flexible business use, BEM's micro projector is designed for ease of set up, and every aspect of the projector has been developed to integrate seamlessly with the rest. This is particularly clear in the overall design of the projector, which has been shaped to utilise the handle and frame to protect the controls during travel, with no need for external carry cases.

BEM have taken the idea of integrated travel accessories even further by using the projector's remote control as a lens cover. When required for use, the cover can be removed and the kickstand deployed for instant set up in any situation.

Unlike the name suggests, the Kickstand does not operate on a wireless frequency but it does allow a range of connection options including USB, HDMI and an auxiliary Audio Output jack for home entertainment use.