A young film enthusiast in the north-west of England has used vintage projector equipment to build his own retro cinema.

Bryn Tyson, 20, has opened up the ABC Cinema Room in a disused meeting room in the old Conservative Club in Barrow town centre.

He used an old 35mm projector, a 9ft by 5ft screen from the Apollo in Morecambe and seating from the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal and Ulverston's Roxy to create the 19-seat theatre.

Speaking to the North West Evening Mail, Mr Tyson explained the cinema will be able to show any film that has been released on DVD. Entry will be free, although there will be a suggested donation of £2.

Mr Tyson sought the advice of Northern Morris Cinemas owner Charles Morris when putting together the retro cinema, while he also spoke with retired Essoldo projectionist Brian Crawford and local cinema expert Mark Latimer during the project.

He said: "I've always loved films, ever since I first went to the cinema as a child. I bought an old 35mm projector in December just to play around with at home – I had no idea I'd be running my own cinema a few months down the line."

While Mr Tyson has gone for a vintage feel for his theatre, developments in projection technology have made it easier and more affordable than ever to create a top home cinema experience.