Portable projectors are an essential of the modern office and they are a key investment for businesses, according to new research by the Electronics Authority.

It said that buying a decent projector has a multitude of benefits for companies, such as allowing businesses in smaller spaces to communicate effectively with other team members, without the need for a large conference room.

Rather than buying expensive monitors, the report also suggests that projectors are a better use of a business’ technology budget because they are portable and can be taken on the road for sales and marketing presentations.

Like other forms of technology, projectors are shrinking in size. There are now a number of quality mini models on the market that can literally fit into a pocket for ease of use when out and about. However, the majority of full-size projectors are also portable and able to deliver high-quality images with minimal set-up requirements.

“If you’re ready to add tremendous flexibility to your presentation capabilities, investing in a decent projector is really a no-brainer. You’ll gain the ability to show off professional work in virtually any setting, and the overall cost to you is minimal,” the report said.