A projector capable of displaying 3D floating images in real space has been developed by a professor in Buenos Aires.

Marc Ressl from the city's Institute of Technology posted a video to his blog demonstrating the device he has dubbed a volumetric projector.

By making use of ten projectors at once, he is able to fire all of the light sources at a bank of smoke, which then creates a 3D form.

However, at the moment this is just a concept. The professor believes that there is insufficient contrast or resolution to create more than abstract lines but by using 100 projectors it would realistically be possible to create an accurate 3D image.

Before the concept can be built into a viable product, Professor Ressl is seeking funding to build up a rudimentary prototype.

The projector brings to mind futuristic devices that have often enabled science fiction characters to create tangible projections of machinery and new devices, for example.

Coupled with the exciting developments regarding interactivity with projectors, it really is a busy time for the development of new devices in this sector.

Not only are high-end research centres looking into new possibilities for the future, but the technology that exists today is being refined to offer consumers smaller and more powerful projectors that can be used in a wider variety of ways.