Pull down or portable? Choosing the right home cinema screen
The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to update your home cinema system, and a brand new projector can help you and your family get the best from the latest blockbuster films.

However, the right projector screen can be the icing on the cake for true home cinema enthusiasts, providing the ultimate backdrop for anything from a bright white winter tale to a deep, dark galaxy far, far away.

There are a variety of projection screen options available, from electric and fast fold to fixed frame and in ceiling, but for film fans selecting a long-term addition to their home cinema setup there's one question that should kick off the search: pull down or portable?

Pull Down

Pull down projector screens are considered to be the ideal entry level product, easily attaching to the wall or ceiling for a simple and crisp home cinema experience. Reliable and affordable, pull down screens present a simple flat projection surface with options for additional features in the form of motorised screens and in ceiling options.

A top entry level choice is the Sapphire Premium Slow Retraction Manual Screen, which provides an aspect ratio of 16:10 and measures 170.4 x 106.5cm. A great choice for home cinema fans, this impressive device is study enough for frequent use while offering more detailed features, such as a black border to boost the clarity of the image.


Portable projector screens, on the other hand, are the ideal choice for the film fan on the go. Unlike the stable pull down screens, portable surfaces make it possible for home cinema owners to move their experience from room to room, or building to building, making them a good choice for the indecisive family, or anyone who knows that they will want to use their projector in more than one room.

The Panoview Portable Pull-up projector screen is a top home cinema choice, providing 203 x 126.7cm of viewing space while providing the perfect alternative to wall or ceiling mounted screens, which are not suited to all environments. Made from an alloy casting, the screen is one of the lightest products on the market but still manages to provide top quality fabric that allows wide angle viewing of up to 160 degrees.

The choice between pull down or portable projector screens is likely to be made based on the environment chosen to house your projector. However, each option provides a range of features and optional add-ons that, when carefully chosen, can create the ultimate home cinema experience.