Two new projectors have been launched by InFocus Corp. with tablet users in mind.

The group has announced the release of the new IN1100 series projectors, which are the smallest and lightest in the company’s range. Indeed, the new models weigh just 1.2kg and feature a slim but durable design, making them ideal for travelling professionals.

However, it is their compatibility with tablets that could make these devices particularly convenient. The IN1100 series provides HDMI connectivity, making it simple to display full HD-quality video by connecting to iPads, iPhones, Android or Windows-based devices.

David Woolf, InFocus product line vice president, commented, “We are seeing that businesses and travelling professionals are wholeheartedly embracing the tablet and the IN1100 is an ideal solution for those looking to travel light but still have huge display capabilities.

“The visual impact of going from a ten inch tablet to a 300 inch image is unmatched, whether one is collaborating with colleagues or playing a few games of Angry Birds.”

While it’s hard to expect the best quality images from a smaller projector, the IN1100 series does put up an admirable effort. It boast 2,200 Lumens, a high level of brightness and a 2,600:1 contrast ratio, which helps counterbalance any ambient light in the presentation room. Meanwhile, the two new models allow consumers to choose between a native resolution of XGA 1024x768 or WXGA 1280x800 to enjoy high-definition, widescreen projections.