Projectors have been given a novel new role in a London restaurant, in a bid to enhance the dining experience for customers.

The restaurant, called Inamo, has implemented a new system called E-Table, which functions with the help of projectors. The gadgets are used to display images of food onto the diner’s plate. These pictures can be called up through a touch mousepad on the table, allowing people to navigate through the menu and view their meal before placing an order.

A recent report from Ubergizmo suggested that the projector system can also be used as a source of entertainment while customers wait for their orders to be cooked. The gadget is capable of allowing people to pick and choose what image they would like to be projected onto their tablecloth and they can also enjoy some games together.

moJo iCuisine, a Taiwanese restaurant in Taipei, implemented a similar projector system earlier this year, allowing customers to view and order from a menu on the table. The novel idea also allows people to check their bill throughout the night so there are no nasty surprises when it comes to paying.