Dutch 3D video mapping experts have created a projector that can transform a plain, white living room into the space of your dreams - without you having to pick up a paintbrush.

At the touch of a button, the Mr Beam 3D projector adds patterned wallpaper, a new style of furniture and even pictures to a simple room containing a white sofa, coffee table and bookcase.

The decor can be changed in seconds from a 1970s lounge with psychedelic patterns to a slick urban space with exposed brickwork and bright furniture.

Seconds later the same room can become a little girl’s playroom with pink wallpaper with white flowers and a Spongebob Squarepants poster.

The incredible effects are created using two projectors, which beam coloured and patterned images into every corner of the room.

The artists involved in developing Mr Beam used furniture from their own homes to build the room, at their studio in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Roos, who helped create Mr Beam, said, “Videomapping on the outside of buildings is a hot item right now, but we decided we wanted to experiment with it indoors.

"We built a small, white living room, after which we were free to experiment with both colours, textures and patterns.

"It's really interesting to see how projections and light behave on 3D environments," he added.

The projectors are not available commercially as the designers have not yet managed to find a way to put somebody in the room without them becoming part of the background.

Roos added, "It's not really suitable to actually live in at the moment - however, it's a useful tool for furniture stores, who we are working with at the moment.

"The whole room can change with the click of a mouse," he said.