Projectors in the future are more likely to have 4K technology as standard, rather than the feature being something of a novelty as it is now.

This is according to a recent article from Home Theatre Review, which suggested that 4K “is our future” when it comes to projectors.

One of the main reasons why 4K will become a major part of entertainment in the future is the fact that it delivers an entirely new format; it isn't an extra gimmick to be added on to existing services like 3D.

Indeed, many manufacturers are already including the technology in their products, with Blu-ray discs and players and HDMI connections already prepared for 4K introduction.

However, a new projector will be required to deliver the images. At the moment Sony is the only firm offering a consumer device that is 4K-ready. However, the device comes with a hefty price tag and is unlikely to spread into many households anytime soon, but it is a start in the gradual move towards the technology.

The main benefit of the technology is the fact that it is capable of delivering a particular resolution that is a minimum of 4,000 pixels wide. This is almost double the current HD formats and it means that it will be possible to sit closer to the projected screen than ever before, without becoming aware of the individual pixels and the sense of a created image.