Museums will become more interactive in the future through the use of projectors.

Researchers at the ACM UIST conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, revealed how smart mirrors and projectors could be used to enable visitors to interact with exhibits in new ways.

Lead researcher Dr Diego Martinez told MailOnline that augmentations to the object itself are added through using space behind and in front of the reflective surface.

He said: "For instance, in the museum cabinet, the top projector allows you to do projection mapping, changing the external aspect of the object."

Other uses for the technology could include using an interactive system to allow people to try on clothes when a shop is closed.

Musicians could also use the projectors and smart mirrors to enhance their studio recordings.

"This work offers exciting interactive possibilities that could be used in many situations," Dr Martinez added.

The researchers also claimed that their new innovation could be used in hospitals as doctors would be able to project brain scans on to the body of a patient. Airports would also be able to use the technology to replace their current scanners.

Projectors are increasingly being used in new technology and one such recent innovation is their usage in head-up displays in cars.