School children in rural areas of Zimbabwe are to benefit from projectors in their lessons, it has been revealed.

Apple provided the country's government, led by Robert Mugabe, with solar-powered iPad2 devices to help rural teaching establishments. The gadgets will rely on the sun to keep them going and pico projectors will be sent out with them to allow the devices to be of maximum use in the classroom.

David Coltart, the country's education, sport, arts and culture minister, wrote on his Facebook page: "Great meeting with Apple today in Paris – unveiled a fascinating new 'School Box', which will take iPads to the most remote rural schools.

"Using solar power and micro projectors we will be able to bring computerised teaching aids to the poorest schools."

In the past, Mugabe had attempted to supply computers to rural schools to boost education, but the efforts were largely unsuccessful due to a lack of electricity and too many thefts.

It had been thought that the plans involved a joint venture between Apple and the Zimbabwe government, but the technology giant has since confirmed that while the government will be sending out iPads, Apple has not been directly involved in the project.