The latest technology used to enhance the visual impact of modern events has been focused upon at the recent Confex 2013 conference, chaired by Clive Coulwell of AV Magazine.

According to Event Industry News, the speakers at the conference explained that the demands placed on the visual aspects of events is constantly increasing and therefore projectors are continuously being improved to meet the needs of outdoor events coordinators.

Malcolm Whittall, broadcast director for XL Video, discussed the development of better projectors and how they are being used for mapping. The process of mapping "is where you use the high quality projectors to present an image on to an object or building and create the impression that the object is being manipulated," Mr Whittall explained.

He went on to say that the process has been used widely over the last few years for events and advertising.

Also speaking at the event was Musion systems director James Rock. Mr Rock discussed the ability of their latest system to project images onto the centre of a stage without the need for a screen. This is achieved via the principle of 'Pepper's Ghost', in which angled glass is used to reflect an image so it appears to be floating.