Projectors are being put to use in some of the remotest parts of Africa to allow many of the football-mad locals a chance to watch the World Cup.

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has assembled huge screens in some of the poorest parts of Zambia and Angola – including several refugee camps – where some of the games in the international tournament will be screened live for their entertainment.

UNICEF spokesman Patrick Slavin said open-air screens had been set up in western Zambia for refugees and young people without access to electricity and television sets to watch some of the live broadcasts of matches in South Africa The effort has been made possible by the now common-place accessibility and portability of modern projectors and the necessary screening accessories.

"More than 10,000 young people in remote parts of Zambia who are passionate about football will be accorded the opportunity to watch the World Cup games on big screens," said Slavin.

He said these mass gatherings, dubbed, "the World Cup in My Village", would also provide a useful platform to dispense some of UNICEF's other operations, including information about education, health, child protection and HIV/AIDS. Slavin added, "The young people will be encouraged to do more than just watch the games," he said.