Companies are losing more than £100 million every year due to troublesome meeting room equipment, with projectors proving the most problematic.

A study by electronics specialist, Casio, has revealed that poor working knowledge of equipment, combined with faulty set-ups, means that the average British business racks up around £12,500 in the costs in dealing with projectors, laptops and monitors. This takes into loss of man-hours as well as maintenance and procurement costs.

Daniel Laurenson, IT manager for Cofely-GDF Suez said the results were startling.

"Viewed in isolation, the burden seems small and the problems simply a nuisance — looking across a year they represent a huge financial and productivity drain that businesses would be foolish to ignore," he said.

The study showed that projectors are the worst culprit when it came to maintenance problems, with 46 per cent of people experiencing problems in the past year. One of the biggest problems with conventional projectors is the maintenance requirements that go hand in hand with high pressure mercury lamps.

The information also showed that 34 presentation equipment incidents are dealt by IT helpdesks on average every month, taking each taking around 23 minutes to sort out. Annually this amounts to 23 days – more than a working month – of an IT manager’s time, with the distance walked by the managers equivalent to a marathon.