Tour guides in Edinburgh have started using portable projectors to give their tours of some of the city’s most grisly pieces of history some added depth.

West Port Tours is now equipping their guides with the hand-held projectors that allow them to project pictures onto walls and pavements along the routes. These allow the participants to see pictures of the subjects of the tours at the locations were various significant events took place.

One of the most popular tours that is using the technology is the one that follows the footsteps of the Scottish capital’s darkest criminals, with a significant focus on the infamous serial killers Burke and Hare.

The co-owner of West Port Tours, John Baxter, said that they had the idea for using the projectors from the Jack the Ripper tour in London, and they hope that it will now “change the face of guiding in Edinburgh”.

“The images will give visitors a greater understanding of the locations that are visited on the tour,” he told the Scotsman newspaper. “By using the projector, visitors will be able to gaze upon murder locations, victims and those involved in the crimes and subsequent trial.”

Burke and Hare’s murderous rampage cost 16 people their lives in the space of around a year in 1827 and 1828. They had been paid by anatomists in the city to provide them with fresh corpses for research.