McDonald’s is installing projector-run gesture control systems into play areas at 150 of its UK restaurants as part of its efforts to enhance its ‘family friendly’ experience for children.

The brand has been testing the systems in selected restaurants since 2010, using gesture-control technology supplied by Paradigm AV. The technology uses ceiling-mounted projectors to create digital, interactive play areas on floor surfaces in the restaurants.

The system has been developed into the Happy Meal Digital Play concept, which provides a range of movement-activated floor games linked to the Happy Meal promotion that is taking place at the time.

Paradigm’s sales director, Mick Perrone, said that the systems had been a tremendous success so far and they were keen to start work on the wider roll-out.

“This solution is low maintenance and remotely managed,” he explained. “It can be reprogrammed offline, so that new campaigns can be uploaded as they come along — and the system automatically powers up and switches off in accordance with trading hours.”

The systems are being installed in selected restaurants that see large numbers of families visiting them and that have much-used play areas. As well as the projectors, the systems use overhead tracking cameras and infra-red emitters, projecting straight onto the tiled floor.