A recent report in the Daily Mail newspaper claims there is a new phenomenon taking over the homes of the rich and famous – adult games rooms complete with projectors and projector screens for sports gaming.

As the craze for sports gaming goes from strength to strength, an increasing number of people want to have a dedicated room in their homes for this purpose. Many are setting up with a wall covered by a huge projector screen and décor reminiscent of a golf course, a bowling alley or a tennis court.

These ‘simulator’ rooms are beginning to pop up on the wish-lists for people buying top-of-the-range properties across the country. These properties often have other extras including swimming pools, home cinemas and fully-fitted gymnasiums.

Adrian Overington, an estate agent from Kinleigh, Folkard & Hayward said, "it's becoming common to use a basement as a gym or perhaps a room with a screen and a Wii Fit, particularly in homes around the £500,000 mark."

Turning a basement into a sports ‘simulator’ can cost less than one might think, with prices for the full package falling as much as 25 per cent over the past few years as the price of home projectors fall.