As the outdoor cinemas take London and the rest of the UK by storm, more people are turning to projectors to create their own backyard cinemas.

A number of projectors are now marketed towards those wanting to watch their movies under the stars, including the portable Epson Home Cinema 730HD 3LCD which projects blockbuster movies with vivid clarity and colour on to virtually any wall or screen.

Writing in the Guardian, Rhik Samadder has offered tips on how projector owners can create their own outdoor cinema, including advice on choosing a screen and choosing the perfect location.

He writes: "Picture a warm evening. Drinks clink, popcorn rustles. On the screen before you and the sky beyond it the stars come out to play. For summer fun nothing beats watching a film al fresco."

For the screen, Mr Samaddar recommends against using an old bed sheet, which will not reflect the light. Instead, it is best to buy or rent a screen to ensure the best image quality.

The outdoor space can be a roof terrace or a garden, but it's best to choose a secluded spot to maintain optimum sound quality. The finishing touches include popcorn, fairy lights, cushions and of course, a great film.