Dutch developers of audio visual technology have created what they claim is the world's largest touchscreen surface, through the use of six HD projectors.

The 'Reality Touch Theatre' screen was developed by engineers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. It comes hot on the heels of a number of other pioneering developments in touchscreens through the use of projectors, including creating one made out of an ice block.

The display technicians combined a number of different pieces of technology to create the display, including 16 infrared lights and six cameras, and for the surface itself used the 3mm thick curved acrylic screen in the university's existing 3D cinema, which measures 10 metres by 2.8 metres.

The six projectors are located behind the screen and generate the image itself, while the infrared illumination bathes the back of the screen in invisible light. The cameras are able to detect tiny amounts of infrared light that are reflected from the screen when it is touched, and after processing the change on a networked computer, offers a nearly instant response to it.

Practical uses for the screen, according to the developers, including aiding in the research of geographic information systems, as well as holding the potential for much more interactive lectures and presentations.