With autumn on the horizon, that only means one thing to a lot of the nation's population - Football Season is back and the hugely anticipated World Cup in Russia is less than 10 months away.

England are looking like huge favourites to qualify and the summer buzz of 2018 is expected to be raucous and exciting for our nation's pubs and bars.

A survey from Ispos Mori reported by Sky found that 69% of customers of pubs and bars usually return to the same pub due to the sports they have on show. For a country that prides itself on sport and beer on game-day, pubs across the nation will be looking to draw in as many punters as they can for the huge sporting events that are due to take place over the next 12 months.

But while dozens of pubs and bars across the country will invest thousands in installing LED TVs on their premises, an often overlooked solution is a pub projector and screen.

Why a projector for a pub?

A pub projector will forever be the most cost-effective way to display a larger image, going above and beyond what a television can even physically achieve. With televisions above the size of 90" costing in excess of £7,000, there are solutions in the projector market which can achieve a 100" clean crisp 1080p image for under £1,500. It’s a misconceived perception that installing a projector is a more costly solution than purchasing a large screen television.

Projectors also tend to give your clients that "wow-factor". A huge image, crisp bright colours and an affordable price tag – projectors are out to impress.

Entry level option - Optoma DH1017

Price vs spec, this projector is virtually unbeatable. At 4,200 lumens in brightness and with a generous contrast ratio of 10,000:1, this projector is capable of producing a splendid image for under £900. With a 12v input trigger, it also enables you as a pub owner to have an electric screen easily retract up-and-down subject to the projector's power being on or off.

Prices start at £729 ex VAT

Mid-range option - Hitachi CP-WU5500

Weighing in with 5,200 lumens of brightness, this Hitachi projector is a fantastic solution for those environments which need bright crisp images but also want the colour saturation and accuracy that an LCD projector can provide. With lens shift facilities built in, installation of the Hitachi is a dream for your installer.

Hitachi's proprietary High Dynamic Contrast range means that your black levels and white levels are even more powerful and pleasing on the eye – so your customers can really feel part of the action.

Pricing starts at £1,216 ex VAT

High-end option - Sony VPL-PHZ10

Introducing Sony's new solid light source projector which has taken the market by storm. With vibrant LCD technology the colour reproducing on this unit makes it compete with some of the best units on the market; at 5,000 lumens bright it is also a good solution for those environments with ambient lighting.

With good levels of lens shift available and a compact chassis weighing just 8.7kg it is great for those spaces that require something quiet and discreet. Picture quality aside, the projector requires no lamp changes or filter changes and can run for up to 20,000 hours of use.

Pricing starts at £1,989 ex VAT

Premium option - Sony FHZ65

Here we have it – the Sony FHZ65 is one of Sony's best laser based installation projectors. With a brightness rating of 6,000 lumens, this would be a match for even the brightest of pubs in the country.

Backed by a solid 5 year Sony warranty, this projector ships with a standard motorised lens, but the option to purchase an interchangeable lens suitable for your environment is a priceless option for many.

Solid light source means that you as a pub or bar owner, can install this projector and have no fears over maintenance with regards to changing lamps or cleaning filters - 20,000 hours of maintenance free use would be ideal for those landlords who want to install and forget about the tech. After all, you’ve more important things to worry about like getting more drink orders in for the clientele!

Pricing starts at £5,554.00 ex VAT

The finishing touches...

Connectivity is a pivotal aspect of installations. Many pubs may want to add to their projector setup with a number of smaller  LED televisions dotted around the premises too to show the same game, or different games. To achieve this, you need the right connectivity.

BluStream 4-way 4K HDMI splitter (SW41AB-V2)

A device like this will enable you to split the one sky box across different sources. It is 4K compliant so should you wish to upgrade your equipment when SkyQ 4K becomes more readily available you know this product is good to last for the next phase of AV equipment later down the line.

Pricing starts at £135 ex VAT.


For larger venues keen to display different content on different screens and projectors, this is the solution to go for. With dedicated audio breakout, it is capable of not only splitting sources, but it can even switch between them. This means you can show different content on up to four different screens.

This can also be controlled via a smart-phone or laptop via the web-browser meaning management of your sources could never be easier.

Pricing available on request.

Finally, don’t forget to find the right projector screen to get the most out of your new pub projector. Our range of screens suit all needs from manual pull down, to electric or recess.

Projector screens are more than just an afterthought too; the right one will help ensure you get the brightest, crispest display from your new pub projector. Call us to find the right screen for you.

Call one of our experts now for full impartial advice on how to design your bar in time for the sporting events of the next 12 months!