Visitors to a new museum in the US can run against professional athletes, big cats and dinosaurs thanks to an interactive exhibit that uses a series of projectors to create a virtual race.

The running wall installation at the Perot Museum of Science and Nature in Dallas, Texas, is the result of a collaboration between BenQ, creative agency 900lbs and systems integrator Delcom Group.

As people test their speed along a 50-foot track in the museum’s Sports Hall, six BenQ MW860USTi projectors each show one part of a larger image to build up a continuous horizontal video display and create the illusion that they are racing against their sporting hero or the world's fastest mammal.

"This project was a unique, high-profile installation that required the projection of large moving images on a 55-foot wall from a very close distance," explained Joe Phillips, director of business development for Delcom and the exhibit's integrator.

Justin Ashford, the Perot Museum's director of technology, added that the interactive running wall had proved a popular exhibit since the museum opened on 1 December .

"You can feel the excitement as families, especially kids, compare their speed alongside vivid projections of Dallas Cowboys' running back Felix Jones, a full-size cheetah, a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex, and gymnast Emily Richardson.”