An intricate system of projectors have been used to create what is being hailed as one of the most innovative advertising campaigns ever seen.

Car manufacturer, Toyota, enlisted the services of creative advertising agency, Isobar, to spearhead the campaign. It has resulted in the creation of a projection mapping video that highlights the new and equally innovative hybrid engine in the latest Toyota Auris range.

Numerous projectors were set up around one of the cars in a tunnel in Shoreditch, in front of a large live crowd. They were rigged up so that, when enacted, they created a moving 3D projection on the surface of the car that illustrated the intricate goings on inside the vehicles.

The images showed the shell of the car being ‘unwrapped’ to reveal a blue light underneath, which represented and depicted the hybrid drive system that energises surrounding components.

The manufacturer had aimed for the campaign to be as technically innovative as the car itself. It is the first Auris to contain a hybrid engine and also the first hybrid to be built entirely in the UK, offering 74.3 miles per gallon, low CO2 emissions, and £0 road tax benefits.

The full advert can be viewed from Friday at