The installation of the projectors at a new cinema in Sheffield took a little more effort than your average home cinema installation process, with an industrial crane called in to lift them into place.

The projectors for the new IMAX cinema at Sheffield’s Cineworld complex had to be brought into place through the roof of the building, as they were too big to carry up the stairs.

The screen is scheduled to be opened on March 9 and the installation of the projectors was one of the last major actions to take place before technicians get to work on final calibrations.

The crane driver, 50-year-old Andrew Bryant, said that it was a huge project, and the £1 million price tag on the projectors was rather eye opening, but he had extensive experience of similar jobs.

“I’ve been doing this for years. Cinema-goers had nothing to worry about,” he told the Yorkshire Post. “I’ve never lifted cinema projectors before. These are huge and cost a fortune.”

The cinema’s general manager, Karen Godfrey, said that the effort they have gone to in order to get the projectors in will be well worth it.

“We didn’t have much choice in how we got the IMAX projectors and sound system into the building – it was all just too big, so we brought in the crane,” she said. “People won’t believe their eyes or ears when they experience it.”