Projectors bring model of London to life

Projectors bring model of London to life
Projectors bring model of London to life

London’s history will never look the same again thanks to a new projection project by New London Architecture (NLA).

With the help of eight projectors, tvOne and Optoma helped to create a huge interactive model of London for a flagship exhibition at NLA Galleries. Featuring 170,000 buildings and covering 85 square kilometres of the capital, the model uses projection to track the city’s growth over the last two millennia and reveal planned future developments

Model maker Pipers was responsible for constructing the model, while AV expert GHA Group oversaw the projection system. The complexity of the project meant that choosing the right projectors was vital. GHA eventually opted for Optoma ProScene EH505 projectors with short-throw lenses, which was coupled with a tvONE CORIOmaster Mini C3-510 to blend the output from the projectors.

One of the greatest challenges faced by the designers was how to build and illuminate a huge model in a room with very low ceilings. The answer was to choose short distance projectors, which meant that the widest possible angle lenses were needed to cover the whole model. The projectors also needed to be carefully set up and aligned, with five installed in landscape mode and five in portrait to create the desired effect.

Andy Ince, chief engineer at GHA, said: “The overlap on the edgeblends is incredibly small, leaving no room for error. We planned the projection out on CAD before installing the projectors and knew how challenging it would be to cover the whole model with eight projectors.”

The model is brought to life by touch screens that show the key areas of change in London and reveal the sheer scale of proposed development in the city. Meanwhile, the model’s projectors synchronise with films shown on the main screen to reveal some of the capital’s most momentous developments.

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