The U310W projector from NEC has won an award for its contribution to learning in the classroom.

Tech and Learning magazine gave the device an Award of Excellence for outstanding new education technology products, honouring the gadget for breaking new ground and enhancing education tools.

NEC introduced the projector in late 2010. It delivers 3,000 lumens of brightness, is 3D ready and is able to eliminate the shadows and glare that are often found in projection systems, making it much more practical in the classroom.

Ashley Flaska, vice-president of marketing for NEC Display Solutions, commented on the award: “We're honoured to receive this award from Tech & Learning magazine, a leading resource for K-12 educators for the past 30 years.

"The U310W has been well received by our education customers since its launch, and its selection for honour underscores its importance to districts and schools looking to advance their educational excellence."

Meanwhile, Kevin Hogan, editorial director at the magazine group, explained that the publication's readers are not typical consumers and they are not looking for “bells and whistles” but rather “rigorous ed-tech products that improve teaching and learning”, and provide inspiration in an educational environment.