Projector vs TV: Make the right choice for your home theatre
For many years, televisions were the dominant feature in almost every home theatre, while projectors were only exclusively preserved for the very wealthy.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case, due to the rapid growth in popularity and increasing accessibility of projector systems for all budgets. Offering a range of impressive benefits with few considerations, projectors are now the perfect centrepiece for the ultimate home theatre system.

The most obvious, and potentially the most important, feature of modern projectors is their size. Many home theatre enthusiasts are concerned about distorted viewing and blurred pixels, but modern projectors provide images just as clear and crisp as televisions, all while delivering a picture that could be double or triple the size. This feature alone ensures any home theatre can provide an immersive experience and cinema-quality viewing.

One common concern for those considering projectors is ambient lighting, which can in some circumstances wash out the image and reduce the overall quality of the picture. However, for home theatre owners with a love for 'cinema conditions', curtain-closed viewing only adds to the sense of immersion while watching your favourite blockbusters. Another plus is the reduction of eye strain, which is suffered by some television owners due to the brightness of the screen and the smaller screen size.

Believe it or not, projectors can also help home theatre owners save space. Although often considered an item designed exclusively for larger homes, modern projectors can easily be mounted to a ceiling, and retractable projector screens can be smoothly tucked away, so even the smallest space can be use to its full potential. Televisions, on the other hand, require a dedicated space that's often difficult to alter, and thus completely dictates the use of the room.

Finally, projectors offer excellent value for money when compared to their television counterparts. Buying a 100-inch television screen, for example, may costs hundreds of thousands of pounds, while the projector equivalent could cost under £1,000. Not only does this represent a significant saving, but many projectors deliver better quality images than their TV alternative, making them more cost-effective overall.

Naturally, some home owners might feel a projector is not quite right for them, but for those seeking the ultimate home theatre experience, they should definitely consider the range of benefits offered by this increasingly popular and ever-advancing cinema centrepiece.

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