A ground-breaking new project has been carried out which changes the view out of a window to match the resident’s moods, all by using a projector.

Ken Kawamoto was bored of the view from his window after living in his flat in Japan for three years, so decided to set up his home cinema projector and set it to project images back on his window. Kawamoto’s ‘Moving Windows’ project – which has been described as an “attempt to hack the view from your window, by dynamically projecting images onto your curtain” – ensures that people will never get bored with the view from their home as it can be constantly changed.

By using his BenQ MW814ST projector - a wide-angle, short-throw projector with high brightness levels – Kawamoto projected images of beaches, mountains and forests onto the inside of his living room curtains, creating clear images as he looked out of the window. He also made use of images involving outer space, far-flung cities and even an under-water scene.

“My personal view on living spaces is that, the single most important aspect…is having a great view from your window. Although the flat I live in now has a wonderful park-side view, it does lose its freshness after 3 years of living in the same place. This is unfortunate, as most people cannot move houses every time they get bored of the view,” Kawamoto wrote in his blog, when describing why he began the ‘Moving Windows’ project.