While most people in the north-east of the USA battened down the hatches last week while the region was struck by the crippling winter storm, dubbed Nemo, one New York technology fan took the opportunity to create some innovative art using his projector and some camera equipment.

Brian Maffitt, a New York-based trainer, shared his artwork on social forum, Reddit, having aimed his movie projector out into the heavy snow.

Maffitt wanted to see what sort of a projector screen the thick, blizzard-like snow would make, so set the Dr Suess film, The Lorax, to play. While the white clumps of snow did not make for a screen that allowed for simple viewing of the movie, they did manage to create another impressive sight altogether.

Writing for the Co.Create website, Joe Berkowitz explained, “With the beams of light aimed at them like an army of coloured laser pointers, the snow looks alternately like a phosphorescent dot-pattern painting in the sky, and strings of Skittles forming DNA strands. Either option helps transform an inconvenient blizzard into something more magical for a while.”

Parts of Connecticut reported 40 inches of snow falling as a result of the storm, which is thought to have claimed the lives of seven people.