A new phone with an integrated projector has been launched by Maxx Focus, with a free projector stand as well.

The MTP9 also features a five mega pixel camera and a 2.8-inch touchscreen. Its 208MHz processor, MP4 support and 1GB of flash memory help the device display video content through the projector feature, as does the King Movie Player applications, which can compress the actual video size to a tenth of its original size without compromising on quality.

There is the additional option of a 4GB memory card, which is included with the package, but the memory can be expanded to up to 8GB if desired.

In addition to the projector functions, users will be able to enjoy music on the handset, which includes loud speakers and supports a wide range of audio formats and delivers FM radio.

When it comes to connectivity, there is the option of Bluetooth and USB. There is also an Opera Mini application for web browsing and a number of pre-loaded applications, such as Twitter, Facebook and instant messaging services.

The phone comes in black and silver and its 1200mAh battery should deliver a longer battery life to make it more practical to use the projector function while on the go.