Businesses are becoming increasingly attuned to the many benefits of using projectors, with tourist attractions among the companies finding benefits from the products.

Being able to communicate vital information to visitors is key for attractions and utilising a projector can ensure details can be updated rapidly in the event of a late change.

Attractions where there is typically a queue to get in would find this particularly useful, as projector technology could be used to show the time it will take to get to the front.

Among the businesses already making use of projectors is Chester Cathedral, which has installed a multi-sensory audio-visual presentation to showcase history. According to a report by, the attraction has increased its visitor numbers by 300 per cent since setting up two Epson EB-G6350 LCD projectors to project images.

Using the projectors has also enabled the cathedral to attract a younger audience and other similar locations might view Chester Cathedral as an example to follow after it was able to create a modern exhibition space after opening up its bell tower.

Simon Warburton, the cathedral's director of operations, said: "The bell tower is a hugely evocative place and people don't expect the visual and aural experience that hits them when they walk in to the chamber.

"In a very tough environment for technology, we've succeeded in creating a magical mix of the modern and medieval, which adds to the unique atmosphere of the building."