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  1. Batman fan creates own Batcave home cinema

    A Batman superfan in the US is spending more than $2 million turning his home cinema into a replica bat cave.

    Inspired by his love of the Caped Crusader, the unidentified American has commissioned Canadian home cinema experts, Elite Home Theater Seating, to completely deck the place out in the Gothic style of the popular franchise.

    Some of the unique specifications in the project – which is being built at the owner’s home in Greenwich, Connecticut – include the installation of a replica Batmobile, winged gargoyles and a private cylindrical stainless steel elevator

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  2. Beckham ad campaign projected onto White Cliffs of Dover

    Three huge images of David Beckham in an underwear advertising campaign have been projected onto the White Cliffs of Dover, turning the iconic cliffs into an enormous projector screen.

    The images of the famed footballer were part of the advertising campaign for H&M’s men’s underwear range, which is due to be launched later this year.

    The transformation of the cliffs into one of the world’s most unique projector screens was just a one-off event that was staged this week, but it took place at a time when thousands of visitors from continental Europe are crossing

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  3. Bubble projector screen developed in Japan

    Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed bubbles that can act as small projection screens.

    The bubbles are based on colloidal liquids, creating a thin film that allows light to create a reflection on one section before passing through other sections. The Japanese researchers have found that if the reflection can be controlled then the bubble can be used as a projection surface.

    Tech magazine, Gizmag, spoke to the project’s lead researcher, Yoichi Ochiai, who said that they have used a small projector and ultrasonic speakers to control the transparency and texture

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  4. Pub landlord installs projection equipment for summer sports

    A pub landlord in the Cumbrian town of Ulverston has invested in state-of-the-art 3D projection equipment to make sure his customers can see this summer’s sporting events in all their glory.

    Stuart Ward, the landlord of The Kings Arms, told the North West Evening Mail that his pub is now equipped with the first 3D TV capabilities in the town, with a projector and 42-inch projector screen. He has even purchased 100 pairs of 3D glasses to distribute amongst his customers to make sure that they have full immersion in the experience.

    “What we show will be sports-orientated,”

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  5. Buckingham Palace projector get Guinness World Record

    The enormous projection that dominated the façade of Buckingham Palace in April has been recognised with a Guinness World Record for the highest number of artists involved in a single art installation.

    A complex array of projectors was assembled around the Royal palace to project video artwork featuring 32 animated mosaic portraits of the Queen onto the unique projector screen. It was spearheaded by Projection Studio visual artist, Ross Ashton, but was instigated by The Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts and involved the artwork of more than 200,000 children.

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  6. Elite's Insta-DE2 enhances whiteboard screen offerings

    Projector screen manufacturer, Elite Screens, has released a new addition to its stable of pliable whiteboard-projection screens, in the form of the Insta-DE2.

    The pioneering screen is able to turn smooth wall surfaces and windows into interactive whiteboard or projection screens, for use with standard and short throw projectors. The pliable ultra-sheer material allows for high-quality images to be produced, offering significant improvements from conventional whiteboards.

    Elite’s marketing manager, David Rodgers, said that conventional whiteboards are not designed for picture

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  7. Panasonic providing projectors for London 2012 Olympics

    Panasonic is to deliver the largest supply of its audio-visual equipment for any Olympic Games in the company's history for the upcoming London 2012 Olympics.

    The company is equipping the Olympic Park in East London with a full complement of its high-end audio-visual equipment, including projectors, projector screens and high definition LED large screen display systems.

    The technology will aid with the first ever screening of the Olympic Games in 3D, allowing views at home to watch the events almost as if they are actually there.

    The opening ceremony at the Olympic

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  8. Elite launches new Lunette A4K projector screen

    Projector screen manufacturer, Elite Screen, has unveiled a new curved frame, acoustically transparent screen in the form of the new Lunette A4K.

    The innovative new design is said to be a next-generation model that enhances high-resolution images and creates an immersive viewing experience for projector users. Elite’s marketing manager, Dave Rodgers, said the screen would provide outstanding viewing for use for all projectors.

    “It wraps the viewer in a vivid image with excellent direct and off-axis luminescence along with stunning colour uniformity,” he said.

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  9. Asus patent uncovered for laptop with built-in projector

    The consumer electronics company, Asus, has lodged a new patent that could see projectors integrated into some of their future laptops.

    The new patent for the technology was filed in 2011, but has only come to light this year. The company submitted two different potential designs for the technology, which would likely be of interest to travelling business people who could dispense with having to carry around a separate projector for their presentations.

    The first design would see the projector incorporated into one of the hinges of the laptop lid. The design would need the projector

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  10. Buckingham Palace transformed into enormous projector screen

    Buckingham Palace was transformed into a huge projector screen last month, when visual artist, Ross Ashton, projected 32 animated mosaic portraits of HM The Queen onto the Royal palace.

    The Face Britain project was the product of The Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts, and made it possible for some 200,000 children from across the country to have their faces projected onto the iconic landmark.

    It was not the first time that Ashton converted the iconic London landmark into a projector screen. He first projected images onto the palace for the Queen’s Golden

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