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  1. NEC Display Solutions announces industry first cinema projector

    NEC Display Solutions of America has released the NC1100L Digital Cinema projector, aimed at those using projection booths in addition to public buildings, university theatres, mobile cinemas and art houses.

    The leading projector solutions firm, which also provides commercial LCD displays, has been proudly showing off it's latest release at CinemaCon, held at the world-famous Caesars Palace.

    The projector, the latest model in the company's Digital Cinema Projector Series, employs a laser-light source to offer excellent bright images on screens up to an impressive 36 feet.

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  2. First finger-touch interactive projector unveiled by Epson

    Projector manufacturer Epson has unveiled their latest model in the EB-5 Series ultra-short-throw projectors, aimed at the education market.

    The EB-595Wi enables users to interact with projected images using their fingers thanks to integrated six points of finger or pen touch. Users can annotate onto the display to provide viewers with diagrams or notes, or even control the image using the projector screen.

    The two interactive pens that come with the projector have enhanced response and lightweight design, while the whiteboard mode enables use without the need for a computer.

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  3. Team develops transparent projector screen

    A team of graduates at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed transparent displays that can be applied as a thin plastic coasting to any piece of glass, including windows and lenses.

    Projectors can then project images onto the displays, which create a thin projector screen on the glass surface without the need for expensive screen technology or bulky equipment.

    The coating works using nanoparticles, which are embedded into the transparent material and are tuned to scatter certain wavelengths, colours or lights in order to display the selected moving image.

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  4. Study supports projector use within education

    A recent study has found that the use of 3D projector screens within an education environment can benefit pupils' learning.

    The study was conducted with the aim of measuring the effect of 3D projector screens within an education setting, as well as the subsequent impact of this form of learning on pupils' attention rates. Results were hugely in favour of projector learning, showing increased attention and level of learning.

    An analysis of the results shows that, during a lesson featuring a 3D projector, 92 per cent of pupils remained attentive for the entirety. In comparison,

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  5. French projector screen makers launch folding screens

    French projector screen manufacturers, DesignScreenHD, have released a brand new, high-end screen that allows users to fold it up and make it blend into its surroundings.

    The projection screen, which has been specifically designed for use in home cinemas and in living areas, is a folding triptych frame screen. When unfolded and in use, the screen is a seamless 16 x 9 or 2.35:1 aspect ratio screen and, when not in use, it can be folded up to a third of its size and used as a picture or display frame.

    The Loire Valley-based manufacturer has said that their customised screens do

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  6. Projector turns winter storm Nemo into work of art

    While most people in the north-east of the USA battened down the hatches last week while the region was struck by the crippling winter storm, dubbed Nemo, one New York technology fan took the opportunity to create some innovative art using his projector and some camera equipment.

    Brian Maffitt, a New York-based trainer, shared his artwork on social forum, Reddit, having aimed his movie projector out into the heavy snow.

    Maffitt wanted to see what sort of a projector screen the thick, blizzard-like snow would make, so set the Dr Suess film, The Lorax, to play. While the white

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  7. 'Projection screen dress' highlight of Underwood's Grammy performance

    An innovative projector screen provided one of the ‘wow’ moments at the prestigious Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles last night.

    Country music star and previous Grammy Award winner, Carrie Underwood, took to the stage to perform at the ceremony wearing a specially designed dress that then saw various images and videos projected on to the skirt.

    The projections lit up the silvery skirt, transforming it into an array of different colours and patterns.

    The singer explained that her performance of her hit songs Blown Away and Two Black Cadillacs had been very

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  8. The Projection Studio creates winter show for the Venetian

    Eminent UK-based projector technologist company, The Projection Studio, has created an enormous video projection shop for the ‘Winter In Venice’ Festival at Las Vegas’s Venetian resort.

    The Projection Studio – led by Ross Ashton – designed an enormous show using a 25 metre by 25 metre projector screen on the frontage of the Venetian. The images included in the show feature many of Venice’s most memorable locations and attractions, including a full scale replica of the Clock Tower from St Mark’s square in Venice.

    Mr Ashton had initially

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  9. Enormous projection display tops off Edinburgh Tattoo

    Top projector technologist, Ross Ashton, has stitched together an enormous projection display for this year’s Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, using Edinburgh Castle’s imposing walls as giant projector screens.

    Ashton’s The Projection Studio company was contracted to provide the display by Creative Scotland, to create a feature that celebrated iconic items of Scottish culture, business and history.

    The enormous images were projected onto an area that was 83 metres wide, along the castle’s walls, with four PIGI 6K projectors used for the task. The images

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  10. Projector equipment standard for Cowell's trailer

    A customised home cinema complete with high-end projector equipment is still a home feature than many people can only aspire to, but for media mogul Simon Cowell, it’s not just an automatic feature of his home – it comes as standard in his ‘moving mansion’ of a trailer.

    Details have emerged about the X Factor svengali’s palatial trailer that is his home-from-home when he is travelling across the US during the early rounds of the X Factor auditions.

    Among the many luxury items built into the $2 million, 30-ton trailer is a 100-inch top-of-the-range

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