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  1. The Best Projector Screen Size & Viewing Distances

    So you’re in the market for a new projector? Congratulations, you’re in the right place!

    As part of the installation and consideration for your projector, you’re probably considering the best screen, and the most suitable projector screen size, for your specific needs.

    Despite what some people think, you’ll need more than just any old flat surface to get the best image quality from your projector – especially when you’ve invested so much in the right projector for your home cinema, meeting room or school hall.

    Here’s our helpful projector screen size guide to help get you started.

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  2. Why it pays to Go Pro on Your Projector Screen

    When it comes to setting up your office projector or home cinema projector – if you’re anything like us you’ll stop at nothing short of perfection when it comes to getting the best picture. And while it ma

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  3. Projector Screen Vs A Wall: Which Is Better?

    By the time you’ve put in the time, effort and money of buying a decent projector, it can be ask if it’s really worth going through all the research and making the extra spend to buy a projector screen as well. After all – a screen is a flat, white background – how dif

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  4. What to consider when buying a projector for your own garden cinema

    What to consider when buying a projector for your own garden cinema

    With summer officially upon us, we thought we’d do a blog on what to look out for when setting up an outdoor cinema or music concert in your garden. With Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds music festivals frequently being televised, a projector set up in your garden could perfectly set the mood for the r

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  5. Optoma releases new ambient rejecting screen ALR100

    Optoma releases new ambient rejecting screen ALR100
    Optoma, a world-leading designer and manufacturer of projection and audio products, has released a new ambient light rejecting projector screen called the ALR100.

    The screen is designed and engineered to provide vibrant images in even brightly lit rooms and is set to benefit TV viewers, gamers

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  6. What To Look For In A Projector Screen

    What to look for when buying a projector screen
    While the latest televisions are increasing impressive, nothing beats watching a new movie, a live sporting event or a favourite box set via a projector, giving you one-hundred-plus inches of high-definition brilliance.

    To get the most out of a home projector system. However, you’ll need

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  7. Pull down or portable? Choosing the right home cinema screen

    Pull down or portable? Choosing the right home cinema screen
    The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to update your home cinema system, and a brand new projector can help you and your family get the best from the latest blockbuster films.

    However, the right projector screen can be the icing on the cake for true home cinema enthusiasts, providing the

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  8. iPhone 7 rumoured to include built-in projector

    Apple’s iPhone 7 – tipped to be released in September 2015 – is rumoured to include a built-in projector, as well as a host of other new features.

    The successor to the recently released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will also boast an improved battery pack created from ‘organic

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  9. New Seiko Epson projector offers touch sensitive screen

    Seiko Epson have launched a new wall-mounted projector that provides users with the unique ability to operate the projected screen with their finger.

    Building on the company's previous endeavours, which saw the creation of projectors that could be operated via the screen with an electronic

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  10. The Optoma HD30: A great value projector

    The Optoma HD30 is a 1080p home cinema projector that offers extraordinary picture quality for less than £1,000. However, for those who enjoy exploring new features and gadgets, it also boasts a number of impressive quirks.

    The projector is designed more for home décor than the office.

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