Flat panel projector screens and interactive boards now command a rapidly evolving market in the UK that is worth upwards of £17 million annually, according to recently released figures.

Research carried out by the European sustainability trade fair, Futuresource, showed that the UK represented more than 12 per cent of the total European projector and projector screen market.

Numbers from market research company, InfoComm, also put the European screens market as growing at four per cent per annum, with European sales of screens and shades estimated to reach a value of US $234 million in 2009.

Providing the right screen is becoming as much of a priority to projector companies and distributors as finding the best suited projector, due to the plummeting price of projectors driving up the importance of making profit on the screens.

Director of distribution company Anders+Kern, Derek Kuziw - whose company distributes the Stewart Filmscreen range of projection screens - said they were focusing their attention on large wide screens that are able to support wide angles of view with high-quality image reproduction.

"This is very much an integrator and installation-led market, rather than a commodity sell," he explained. "Our job is to get the screen written into the specification for the room."