The Epson Megaplex MG-850HD has been praised in a recent projector review for its performance and connectivity.

Writing for the Globe and Mail, Chad Sapieha highlighted the convenient light-weight box that houses the projector and its docking system for use with Apple devices, such as an iPod or iPhone.

People with a large amount of data stored on their iPhone might find this feature particularly useful thanks to the simple menu that pops up when the projector recognises the gadget. It will also charge the phone whether or not the projector is actually in use.

However, the projector can also be used with other systems thanks to its HDMI connector and composite inputs. There are also VGA and USB ports available.

The projector review also highlighted the quiet nature of the projector's fans, which are barely audible at all when the device is running in eco mode; something that may be a strong draw for film fans.

Meanwhile, the picture quality is very strong for this level of projector, providing 2,800 lumens and an “excellent colour performance”. The only real downside to the picture on the Epson Megaplex is its resolution rate, which tops at 720p.