A projector review has found the latest pocket projector from 3M to be somewhat lacking, despite its wealth of features.

The 3M MP180 boasts a touchscreen, a number of apps and built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. However, Jim Martin from IT Pro suggested that things weren't quite up to scratch on the model.

For example, the 2.4 inch LCD screen on top of the unit is a sensible way of looking through the 4GB of built-in memory and anything extra stored onto the microSD card. But although the control is “intuitive”, it doesn't boast the responsiveness that would be expected from a modern capacitive screen.

The processing power is also lacking in the device and, according to the review, users are left waiting for several seconds before menus appear or applications close.

Unfortunately, the web application shows even less functionality. The browser is not particularly clear and the controls are mostly done through the LCD touchscreen, which turns into a tiny keyboard and a cumbersome mouse-like device that requires users to redirect their attention away from the projected screen to use control it.