Ford has found an unusual use for a projector in its new 2013 Mustang cars, in a move that looks set to appeal to fans of the brand.

By installing the tiny projector in the driver's side mirror of the muscle car, the manufacturer has created a clever new branding gimmick that means the mustang logo of an iconic galloping horse is beamed onto the ground.

The gadget is activated when the driver unlocks the doors and, while the 'Easter egg' looks simple enough, Dearborn's engineers have been working hard to get the idea just right, going through six or seven designs in the process.

According to reports from Autoblog, the Flat Rock assembly line was shut down when the designers finally got the look right and everyone came to check out the projected image.

While the idea is essentially non-functional, it is thought to be a strong draw for fans of the brand. Indeed, engineers have already invested in ideas such as illuminated sill plates and ambient lighting within the vehicle, so why not employ a projector to deliver an external boost to the vehicle?