The Popkorn projector phone comes with the option of watching television on a decent sized screen straight from your handset.

Weighing just 123g, the phone is comfortable to hold as a standard candybar-designed handset. It features a vivid QVGA 6cm display on the phone itself and comes with Dual SIM capabilities, according to a recent review from iGyaan.

The gadget site criticised the phone telescopic antenna, which it felt was a little too delicate, but overall the Spice handset was deemed comparable to any number of similar phones on the market today.

However, it comes with a built-in projector, which really sets it apart from the crowd. The phone’s projector has a readable display of between two and 40 inches, but is best at between 27 and 30 inches. It is advisable to use the projector in a dark room since it is not particularly bright, but the device will keep cool even when you’re using it for a long period of time thanks to a good number of air vents.

One novel option with the projector is to use it to watch TV. The handset can catch analogue TV signals, allowing users to programme and save channels to the device to be watched when you feel like it.