The largest arts festival in the world, the annual Fringe Festival showcases a range of performance artists and comedians from across the globe, and this year the crowds were wowed by a projection-based performance.

Performers Selina Papoutseli and Mamoru Iriguchi’s offering, entitled 'Projector/Conjector', has been described as a’ surrealist science-fiction love story’ and featured the two of them wearing long johns, space suits and a TV and a projector on their heads.

The performance – which was held earlier this week at creative hub Summerhall in Edinburgh – was said to be inspired by the famous ballet Swan Lake, as well as by Star Wars. The two artists merged multi-media, theatre and dance in what has been named as one of the most unique, imaginative shows ever to come to Fringe.

Papoutseli, who played the part of Projector and Iriguchi, who played the part of Conjector, projected images around the room throughout their physical theatre performance, giving their audience a truly interactive experience.

The 2013 Fringe programme featured 45,464 performances of 2,871 shows at 273 venues across Edinburgh. Next year's event will run from 1 August to 25 August.