Research on the international projector market has revealed that manufacturers of front projectors are anticipating resurgent growth in their sector during 2011, due to improving prosperity and exciting new technological developments.

Tamaryn Pratt, principal at industry information firm, Quixel Research, said that while flat-panel TVs are still dominant in the home cinema market, all parts of the projector market are expecting good fortunes in the coming year, from basic entry level to ultra high-end.

"The market is really bifurcated right now," she explained. "On one end, there is demand for affordably priced low-end products and specialised products like Epson's DVD/3LCD combi projector. At the other end, there are companies like JVC, Sony, Sanyo and Runco that are seeing activity at the middle of the market."

Market estimates from Quixel, made following the fourth quarter of 2010, have said that the total US front-projector market - particularly for home cinemas - was expected to rise 32 per cent to 150,899 units for full year 2010, and would continue to rise in 2011, by a projected three per cent this year to 155,346 units.

Optoma's senior director of product marketing, Jon Grodem, said that the growth would be aided by new business, as well as the continuing development of multiple segments in LED-based personal portable projectors.