The worldwide projector market continued to expand quickly over the course of the second quarter of the year, according to new data.

PMA Research found that volume rose to 2.2 million between April and June this year, with sales of mainstream and high-end projectors, as well as pico and personal projectors, all registering double-digit year/year growth.

Mainstream projectors saw sales rise by 13 per cent over last year's second quarter, with widescreen models continuing to grow in popularity.

PMA also revealed that sales in the high-end projector market hit a record high, with the US, Western Europe and Asia among the territories where these products were in strong demand.

Easier connectivity from smartphones and tablets provided a boost to sales of pico projectors, which PMA found hit their highest level in more than a year.

PMA added: "Wall or USB-powered personal projectors also turned in an impressive sales gain during the quarter thanks to the shift to brighter products."

Pico projectors are expected to see particularly strong levels of growth in the coming years, as these products are so small and lightweight they can typically fit in a pocket.