Projector manufacturer Epson is preparing special promotions to urge football fans that its projectors are the best way to watch matches at this year’s Football World Cup.

The three deals being offered involve free gifts being made available to resellers to tempt the footy fans to buy an Epson projector in preparation for the big tournament. Projectors are the perfect way to share the experience of a sporting event like the World Cup with friends and family.

The first offer enables resellers to give away a free Philips Blu-ray player BDP2500 with each purchase of Epson’s EH-TW3500 LCD projector. The second offers a free portable projector screen from the company every time someone purchases the Epsom EH-TW450 projector.

Epsom is also offering a third deal in the form of a free five-year projector lamp warranty with each purchase of the EB-W8, the EB-G5200W or the EB-1925W between 15 April and 11 July.

Epson announced: “The EH-TW450 and EH-TW3500 were picked for their ability to produce outstanding images in the home, and the EB-W8, EB-1925W and EB-G5200W were chosen for the colour light output and clarity they can deliver in hospitality environments.”